Winter Into Spring  

40 minutes, site specific dance performance onHanlan's Island, Toronto Islands

Dance and costume design: Aimée Dawn Robinson

Hair Assistant: Chris Boni

Process/Outside Eyes: Jennifer Castle, Victoria Cheong, Allison Peacock.

Head Usher and FOH: Anna Silverstein

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* All tree photos ADR, peformance photos as noted.

This piece and the memory of it's creation are dear to my heart. Here's the text from my original invitation to this performance:





SUNDAY MARCH 25, 2012,


detailed directions* and van pick-up information below. (* directions omitted in this version.)



This is part one of a two-part dance. There will be a second performance in this process hosted in the city in the early Summer of 2012. (*the second part was Barrington Levy Seven Times.)

The two performances combine through

time, memory, our bodies, other documents and the changing seasons, to make a whole. 

Ten dollars for outdoor performance followed by indoor tea, hot chocolate, conversation and sweets. Wine and beer by donation.

Performance Statement:

I've been working and living at the Gibraltar Point Arts Centre this winter, mainly making dances and videos in the woods.

I wanted to experience the weather through my dancing body and to document and inform this dancing process, by and with, various means -- video, photographs, writing, textiles, conversations, dreams, poems.


Photographs taken became visual, geometric reference points for dance phrases. Writing became dance, 

poems became objects, textiles informed movement, songs became company. 

I originally gave this project the working title Winter Into Spring as a simple marker of the duration of my stay here

But as the deeply changeable weather systems (this winter in Toronto) became more and more bizarre, I started to think of the title of the project differently. Are we losing Winter into Spring? 


I dedicate this performance to the beauty of Nature.

May we be humbled, may we be peaceful. 

Thank-you to Winter Into Spring Process Eyes:

Allison Peacock, Jennifer Castle and Victoria Cheong".

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