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Our bodies are vessels of our lives. Our memories and knowledge (even experience we presume long forgotten) remains in our bodies as traces.  Consciously, and by virtue of their activity, dancers sift through these traces – studying movement, bodies, and the consequences of these elements interacting with time, space, audiences, sound,

music, performance practices, and other shared frameworks.


Dancers are specialists of physical and body memory; dances and dance techniques are living documents of cultural and personal memory. Dance, in all forms, is the place where the moment and remains of the past intersect.


Dance holds the roots and traces of our experiences. We dance ourselves in, we dance ourselves out.

Dancing is a necessary part of life, it's also fun and good for you!

You don't have to be anyone else's kind of dancer.

Be any kind of dancer you like. May it harm none.


Trace Dance Practice

is a series of dance and improvising techniques I have developed, accumulated, and occasionally invented

combining: dance, improvising, writing, visual art, collaboration, and performance.

Trace Dance Practice exercises are uplifting.

They help with mental agility, creativity,and fostering physical strength and resilience.

There's good music involved too!

The core desire of Trace Dance Practice is to celebrate wild spaces, humble spaces, natural places.

Dancing and working outdoors has enveloped and sustained my practice as an artist for a long time.

Trace Dance Practice shows nature and the surroundings through the lens of the moving body.

Trace Dance Practice widens the perceived role of dance and dance performance, from an activity for stage or performance – to a practice bringing the total experience of dance into balance with other art forms and public interactions.

Every opportunity we have to dance, with and in, Nature increases our chances of understanding that

which is greater than us, and of which we are a part.

Dance is the secret.

Learn more about Trace Dance Practice workshops here.

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