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Barrington Levy Seven Times

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1st iteration:

24 min 22 seconds

A MONTH OF SUNDAYS at Halo Halo Village (Toronto)

Sunday April 12th, 2012

* all photos are video stills here from footage shot by Stan Krzyzanowski.

Stan made amazing videos with the 2012 A MONTH OF SUNDAYS performances and environment.You can see them through this link.

Barrington Levy Seven times was counterpoint to the performance I gave on Hanlan's Island for Winter Into Spring.


After focusing on the landscape, wind, stars, elements of the beach, dogwood and willows all winter, in April, I moved back to the mainland, moved into a new apartment on my old street, went back to my day job as a a full-time gardener, and hosted A MONTH OF SUNDAYS with Jeff Garcia co-hosting at Halo Halo Village. Streetcars, hot-pot, lights, Gangstarr Sangriaa, traffic, and whizzing to it and by it all on my bike as the returning light of April pulled spring back into our bodies and back into communion.

The music for Barryington Levy Seven Times is a 24 minute, 22 second mash-up I created on my laptop of the Levy famous 1985 reggae hit "Here I Come" seven times in a row back to back, with Patti Smith's "Babelogue" coming in a few times over the last two repetitions of "Here I Come". For the performance, we set the levels pretty loud, and the music brought the desired level of disorientation to the room.

The installation I danced in and with was Melissa Fisher's deceptively airy and delicate, "Lately, it seems easier to roll with the punches", which lived in the window of Halo Halo for the most of the month.

After I danced Barrington Levy, Chrissy Reichert (Tenderness) played an amazing set, and eventually we all wound up in the alley having a break-dance thrown down. I was called upon at some point to charm a neighbour out of calling the cops.

Life at the intersection of Grace and Garnet.

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video and time-lapse experiments through this link.

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Aimée Dawn Robinson, Barringon Levy Seven Times.

Aimée Dawn Robinson, Barringon Levy Seven Times.

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