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Upcoming Workshops --

September 25 & 26, 2019!

Trace Dance Practice Intro

Dance, Improvising, Performance Skills Workshop

An uplifting and energizing 3.5-hour, 2-session, outdoor dance and improvising workshop at Trace Dance Practice Headquarters, 20-minutes south of Whitehorse, near the Carcross cut-off, in a pastoral setting.

* Previous dance training is not required

* for ages 18 and up


September 2019 Session        *8 spots left!

Wednesday September 25, 6:00 pm -- 7:30 pm

(with optional tea/settling in/stretching time) at 5:30 pm

Thursday September 26, 6:00 pm -- 8:00 pm

(with optional tea/settling in/stretching time) at 5:30 pm

Cost: $45

Only $12.85 per hour of workshop time!

Payable via online e-transfer or in cash at the workshop.

If cost is a barrier, please get in touch with me about alternate registration.


Trace Dance Practice Headquarters, 20-minutes south of Whitehorse, near the Carcross cut-off.

Car pooling can be facilitated, please let us know if you are seeking a ride, or are driving.

There is a trailer on site with a kitchen and small lounge; workshoppers can also stash items there during the workshop.


Weather may effect the workshop location, please be contact-able via phone and/or emai around that time. Thank-you!

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Expand your dance and performance tools while boosting your confidence. Participate in this uplifting dance & writing workshop to discover more about your relationship with the outdoors, nature, and creativity.

Trace Dance Practice gives performers, non-performers, artists of all genres, and everyone in between --  strengthened awareness of space, visual composition, time, the body, and dancing with a whole heart & whole body.

We'll be working outdoors. The weather will alter our dancing, our bodies, our writing. Unless the weather is truly, utterly inclement, in which case, we will change locations and/or truncate or post-pone.

For more information, read on...

Trace Dance Practice workshops include an energizing and grounding warm-up, and other useful sequences. Some  exercises involve music. Some are with incidental sound only. Time will be spent working solo, in duets, and in groups, creating dance performance scores.

Please bring: layers of clothes you can move in and be warm (or cool!), pencil/pen and paper/notebook, water, snacks, extra socks, outdoor clothing, weather-appropriate footwear.

*Again, previous dance training is not required!


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Coming soon...

More Men Dancing More: a short one-part workshop.

Trace Dance Practice Aimee Dawn Robinson

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We are grateful to live and work on the lands of the

Kwanlin Dün and Taa'an Kwächän nations.

Gunalchéesh. Kwä̀nä̀schis. Shä̀w níthän.

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