Aimée Dawn Robinson, Aimee Dawn Robinson

This collage series is inspired by my regional embroidery pattern from Zemplén, Hungary. I'm inspired by my Zemplén ancestors and the beauty of their work.

My ancestors, family, and me,  have all moved and traveled far and wide.


Postcards seemed an apt way to marry these collages with sharing via travel, movement, and love.

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Aimée Dawn Robinson, Aimee Dawn Robinson
Zemplen Collage Postcards-2-ADR-December
Aimée Dawn Robinson, Aimee Dawn Robinson
Trace Dance Practice Aimee Dawn Robinson

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We are grateful to live and work on the lands of the

Kwanlin Dün and Taa'an Kwächän nations.

Gunalchéesh. Kwä̀nä̀schis. Shä̀w níthän.

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