mother drift dances to the songs in her head

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My solo improvised dance series, mother drift dances to the songs in her head (2003 – 2012) was danced, screened, and filmed across Canada and in Japan.

The action of the series is in the name. I have the song in my head, it's not played through a PA or speakers or what have you. I dance to said song.

Viewers are informed of the song (either through a printed  program or announcement) and are invited to sing the song in their heads too.


Songs by Neil Young,  James Brown, Wille Nelson, Jimi Hendrix, Patti Smith, and Waterson:Carthy have been part of the series. mother drift dances to the songs in her head  was a marriage of conceptual art and dance.

It will be revived in the future!

Read Tamara Tomic-Vajaric reflections on the series for

Serbian magazine Orchestra here.

Here's a video of Aimée dancing to Jimi Hendrix,

in her head, at Up Darling at InterGalactic Arts

Co-op at 96 Spadina, shot by Tamara Tomic-Vajaric in 2007. Thank-you Tamara!

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