From Here to There

56 min video, 2009

53 locations between Toronto and St. John's

All camera, driving, dancing, singing, and in-camera editing by ADR

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In 2009, using in-camera editing only, I created From Here to There and Back Again (56 min, video), a dance on video shot in 53 locations, on and off the roads, waterways, and rails between Toronto, Ontario and St. John’s, Newfoundland.

For me, it's important to note I made this movie before the selfie is what it is today. My reference points for this work were different: Cindy Sherman, early videos of William Wegman, "The Way Things Go" by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, and Monet, and my travelling Ancestors.

My excitement for traveling combined with creation is always high. For this project, I was especially in love with the rails and open road.

The video was screened at its' halfway point in the Festival of New Dance in St. John’s. At the end of the trip, the completed video screened in Toronto at HUB 14 and in Victoria and Wolfgang's backyard.


Excerpts have screened at Pleasure Dome:
Toronto New Works (Toronto, 2009), SPANE (curated by Johannes Zits) on Hanlan's Island, and University of Calgary.

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