The Body of Water Project

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1st iteration:

6 weeks between late August and late October, 2015

Whitehorse, Calgary, St.John's.

For CanDance Network’s 2015 Creative Exchange, the Yukon Arts Centre (Whitehorse), Springboard Performance's Fluid Festival (Calgary), and Neighbourhood Dance Works' Festival of New Dance (St John's), collaborated to form The Body of Water Project.


They invited one artist from each city to address themes and issues of water in each locale -- Anne Troake, Wojtech Mochniej, and me. We had never worked together, and in fact, initially didn't know one another from Adam.

I'm so glad we met, and in the exact circumstances we did. We immediately had an easy, constructive, livable, way of being together in space.


We created a focused accumulation of evidence, experience, questions, histories, and debate through dance, the body, photographs, video, collaboration, community participation, and performance.

Here's a treasure trove of images and video compiled by Mochniej on facebook

(you can see it even if you aren't on facebook:

Body of Water on facebook

During the project I wrote a short series of essays about the process. You can read them here (and see more photos of course):

Body of Water essays  and photos on Springboard.

We were happy to connect with The Dance Current about this work. Check out a lovely Body of Water Project  video via The Dance Current here:

The Dance Current Online

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