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August 9, 2015

Maria and Shamez's, 

Kensington Market, Toronto

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* photos by Jacob Zimmer

While  I was in Toronto performing Ramble in SummerWorks 2015 with Renée Lear and Scott Maynard, Maria Litvin hosted a special evening at her home in Kensington Market in Toronto. 

Litvin's invitation for the evening: 


"February 1st  2014 was a particularly cold winter evening on the Toronto Islands. Renée, Aimée, Jennifer Castle and I found ourselves reunited on the occasion of Imbolic.


It was so bitter that the ferry made many attempts before breaking the ice to get to shore. It was austere and magical.
Aimée danced Slip in the snow, Jennifer played from her then new album Pink City. Tears glazed my vision. I was giddy with joy at my friends' talent. 

It is always such a treat to see Aimée dance, I remarked. 


Renée responded. I know! I have 15 years of footage of her dancing. 

We should have an evening of screening them at my place and I can make food, I exclaimed!
At the time, it seemed very unlikely as Aimée was about to leave Toronto again, perhaps for good, but the seed was planted. From a casual conversation fast-forward to today and the seed is now a strong plant about to blossom.
It is my utmost pleasure to invite you on August the 9th, 2015, for an evening of art, food, music, dance: video screenings by Renée, food by Maria, with a live improvised dance and music duet by Aimée and Jennifer Castle".

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Aimée Dawn Robinson, Aimee Dawn Robinson, Jennifer Castle, Adrift
Aimée Dawn Robinson, Aimee Dawn RobinsonJennifer Castle, Adrift
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