The Jenni House Waltz 

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1st iteration:

30 min

Jenni House  (Whitehorse)

July 2018

2nd interation:

Available Light Film Festival Cabaret

Yukon Arts Centre,

coming up on -- February 8th, 10 pm

In July 2018, I shared a residency with video artist Renée Lear at the Jenni House (Whitehorse). The result was dance-video hybrid, The Jenni House Waltz, which has since been performed at the Jenni House, and at Available Light Film Festival 2019 (Whitehorse).

During our residency, we worked on making a dance and video hybrid – a non-hierarchical combination of two mediums and practices – an experiment in co-authorship and re-occurrence.

The architecture and surrounding of Jenni House provided a common point of reference. We decided to film me dancing with the outside of the building, then project the footage on the inside of the building, thereby inverting the building, turning it outside-in.

The Jenni House Waltz is an accumulation of three’s – three cameras, three camera positions on the dancing body, three turns around the Jenni House, three layers of video, the threes of a waltz.

Before the July 2018 showing of the work, Renée and I had a conversation with George Maratos on CBC Air Play.

You can hear it here:

Check out a one-minute video excerpt here!

See more images from the work online here!

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