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Blondie's Puppies

Chesapeake-Lab Dam
probable American Bully SIRE
and Heeler-Collie mix sire
Born September 2nd, 2021. Healthy and beautiful litter of eight. Home-socialized with care and experience.
Seeking loving, gentle forever homes for these special puppies!
Pups will be ready for their new homes last week of October, 2021.
Three and a half weeks old in the adorable video above!
Photos below from assorted ages. More photos will be added as the littler grows.
At this point, I'd say seven puppies are from the Bully sire and one is from other sire.
Read on for more info!

Blondie is a proud, attentive mother. The puppies are a quiet, dreamy, snugly, squeaky-clean bunch.

This is Blondie's one litter! She is already teaching her puppies good boundaries and a sense of security.

They are learning fast! At 3.5 weeks, they consistently pee on the pee-pads

in the bathroom-zone of the 6 ft x 3 ft wooden puppy-pen / palace I built for them.
Even at this baby stage, they've started house-training successfully!
Blondie has them on a  solid routine and they have never once woken me in the night.
She does not respond to excessive noise or whining, and is teaching them to be quiet (very Chesapeake Bay of her).
The puppies are being home-socialized with respect, love, and care.
They are used to household sounds & smells and gentle & rewarding human interactions.

Blondie  bounced back from pregnancy and whelping so well!

She is her usual happy self. playing and is going for lots of short walks.

More info about Blondie, probable stud/s, adoption costs, travel options, and more photos below.

Serious queries about meeting the puppies welcome! 
The puppies are in Mount Lorne, Yukon. 30-minute from Whitehorse on the South Klondike.

$200 deposit required upon puppy selection (or commitment to select!).

$600 CDN Total per puppy, 

Payment plans possible!

Cash or e-transfer possible.

Pups will have first round of shots, vet check, dewormer at six weeks.
Ready to be welcomed into your home near the end of October 2021.

If you like -- in advance of the big move, you can provide us with a puppy-safe toy or small blanket

that you have slept with to scent. It really helps with your puppy's transition!

***Only one female available!

We had a family lined up for her, but things changed for them

and they can't adopt her now -- perhaps this is lucky for you!***
(latest update October 22, 2021)
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Blondie is a 3-year old Chesapeake Lab mix. She is a clear-thinking, loving, courageous. secure, affectionate, expressive, agile, perceptive dog. Blondie's mother, Ruby, is a compassionate bush queen Lab-Rottie cross born in Teslin, Yukon. Blondie and Ruby are family to me. Blondie's dad is a pure bred Chesapeake Bay named Grizzly, who is intelligent, strong, and has amazing lines.

Blondie was the runt of Ruby's litter. Blondie was always clever and sweet. Her language skills are outstanding. She focuses on positive human interaction. She loves safety (!) and has a good sense of humour and play. Blondie loves a party and loves meeting new folks. She has mostly lived in the bush, on a horse ranch, or in the country, but also has a lot of experience with town and RV park life.

Bred to be a total duck-dog, Blondie adores retrieving. Blondie has a remarkable nose, flushes grouse, points waterfowl, and points other things of interest. She loves running fast, fetch, the beach, playing with her dog friends. She has never chewed anything inappropriate, listens so well, and expresses her desires and needs with good manners.


Blondie is friendly and discerning. Blondie will give a warning bark when required, but is otherwise very quiet. She protects me, but listens super well when called off.  She is a medium-sized dog, about 50 pounds.

She loves kids, especially tiny human babies. Blondie shines as mom to this litter! She spent regular time and sleepovers with her mom Ruby into her third year. Blondie learned tonnes from Ruby, who is a strong, compassionate dog, with a lot of bush knowledge -- also a pro snuggler!

This is Blondie's one litter! She is already teaching her puppies good boundaries and a sense of security.

if you would like to meet the puppies, please drop us a line! More photos below.

Read on for info about the sire/s, costs, travel options, shared travel options! More photos below too.

Canada-wide homes are possible. Keep reading for travel info below!

Blondie Lake Bennet-2020.JPG
Blondie-October 2020.JPG

about the sire

Time will tell more, but there may be more than one sire for this litter!


One possibility, a gentle giant American Bully with an extremely calm demeanor, with a fawn and white coat.


Possible sire Two, a black & white possible Heeler-Collie (?) mix. 

I'm endeavoring to find the sires' families to learn more about the dogs!

Both appear loved, very well-behaved, and gentle.


$600 CDN per puppy, payable by cash or e-transfer. Payment plans possible!

$200 Deposit required upon puppy selection. Or commitment to select!

Your  puppy will have their first round of shots, vet-check, and 1st dewormer when you pick them up.

Puppies will be ready for their new loving homes near the end of October, 2021.

out of territory adoption -

travel options & shared travel options

Yes, it is possible to adopt a puppy if you are not in Whitehorse, Yukon!


You just need to pick-up the puppy via air or road. Or make arrangements for a trusted friend to pick them up! If you are flying, you need to fly with the puppy in a carrier with you in the cabin. No puppy will travel cargo. No puppy will travel unattended! I will provide you copies of the vet papers you will need for the flight or road trip.


Air North is the best carrier in Canada! They are also really good at accommodating traveling dogs. I would highly recommend flying in and out of the Yukon with Air North. Here is a link to their webpage about traveling with pets.  All passengers flying with animals need to talk to the Animal Specialist in advance. 

Currently, there is one family in Ontario (Toronto area) considering adopting a puppy. It may be possible to share travel costs, depending on the mode of travel.


Please email me at if you are interested in connecting with other out-of-Territory adopting families!

Please note, if you would like to adopt from outside the Yukon, please let me know by October 15, 2021.

Thanks so much.


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