Forget “Grammarly”, People – be a Real Writer and make mistakes.

Updated: May 12, 2019

Dedicated to writer, designer, and editor Dion Zdunic

April 22, 2019

by Aimée Dawn Robinson

Yes, screw “Grammarly”, be a Real Writer and make mistakes. Make mistakes and then figure out how to fix them. Turn off the auto-correct feature and write bad poetry and good poetry and bad prose and good prose.

Of course, I use automated spellchecking and, especially when procrastinating, make good use of the online thesaurus, but I try really really hard to exercise the part of my mind that can write freely without too much tech support.

Instead of spending money on culturally-generated automated editors, give your writing to someone else to read. Like, a Real Person. Anyone who can read who loves you. Give them your writing. Give them time to formulate feedback. Decide together how and when to exchange the feedback: in person, phone, in-document editing sent via email, online document sharing, via Skype etc.

I bet you a quarter you will both benefit from the interaction. And your writing will improve too. There is great value in having Real People read you. I’ll bet you another quarter, you will also learn things in the process.

And/or hire, for cash or trade, a Real Person to help you with your writing. Instead of paying annual fees for algorithms to write your life. A Real editor or copyeditor, can help you succeed.

Use alternative technology to help your writing. By that I mean use your body and handwrite something everyday. One short paragraph at least (not your “to-do” list). Every so often, try handwriting with your non-dominant hand, this is good for your brain and for your body!

Use it or lose it! Use and practice punctuation. When reading, take note of aspects you like and keep reading writers you enjoy. You will eventually emulate that which you admire.

Write for yourself; think for yourself. Use technology to support your ideas, but learn the ways of your language with your own intentions, mind & body to write with courage. Making mistakes, taking risks with your writing, and learning from Real People is of great value.

Grammarly won’t give your writing edge, or heart, or your specific way of figuring out how to fix your mistakes.

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